GR5 Ti Spring

    Why Ti?

    • Titanium springs are significantly lighter than their steel counterparts, typically weighing anywhere from 40-60% less than a steel spring used in the same application.
    • Titanium springs are more resilient to fatigue. Having a higher resistance to set means they’re more durable and have longer lifespan than steel springs.
    • The basic metallurgical properties of titanium allow for a greatly improved resistance to corrosion.
    • They look dank.


    • Made to order from GR5 Titanium
    • Accurate spring rates, enabling us to offer 25lb increments.
    • Anodized Finish
    • Brand:
    • Product condition: Brand new

    What ID do I need?

    • 35mm ID Fitment – For Use with FOX & MRP rear shocks.
    • 36.5mm ID Fitment – For Use with DVO Suspension, Cane Creek, BOS Suspension, Ohlins, Marzocchi, Manitou and X-Fusion rear shocks.
    • 38mm ID Fitment – For Use with RockShox, Romic & Avalanche Racing Suspension rear shocks.

    What spring rate do I need?
    You can find out what weight spring you need for your bike by using our spring rate calculator below.

    How do I know what size stroke my shock is? 

    Stroke length is measured in inches. Please see the diagram below to see how to measure your shock stroke.

    Other Notes:
    • As the titanium springs are made to order, they can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered on some occasions.
    • Since the springs are made to order, all sales are final.

    GR5 Ti Spring

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